Transparent pricing

We have kept simple and transparent pricing plans for web3 developers. Pay only for what you use!

How we charge for API usage


$0 / mo

+$2 per additional million requests
  • Requests: 1M
  • Requests per second: 100
  • Support: Discord
  • Integration: All


$19 / mo

+$2 per additional million requests
  • Requests: 20M
  • Requests per second: 250
  • Support: Discord
  • Integration: All


$49 / mo

+$2 per additional million requests
  • Requests: 50M
  • Requests per second: 1000
  • Support: Premium
  • Integration: All


$199 / mo

Unlimited requests
  • Private server just for you
  • Server closest to your location
  • Advanced support
  • highest speed possible

Are you an enterprise? We can make a custom plan for you.

What is counted as a call?

We charge you requests for each call you make to our API. For example, if you want to get pool reserves it represents 1 request.

How many protocols I can query?

You can query all the blockchains and exchanges we support. You can, for instance, get info on EVM-compatible chains and check current prices. 

How long does it take to integrate?

We will deliver you an API key immediately after you subscribe to one of our plans. With this key, you can use our API right away.

Can I upgrade at any time?

You can upgrade your plan at any time if you need to make more requests. The price of the new plan will be lowered to match your previous purchase. 

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